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  • VERTICAL CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

    VERTICAL CNC Plasma cutting machine is designed for separation cutting of stainless steels, ferrous and non-ferrous metals using an air-cooled plasma torch. The technology for cutting any steel and its alloys on this machine allows cutting metal from 1 mm to 100 mm thick, cutting aluminum and its alloys, as well as stainless steel from 1 mm to 100 mm.

  • Plasma cutting machines, thermal cutting of metals, advanced plasma technology

    Diagonal CNC thermal cutting machine

    Diagonal CNC plasma cutting machine. This series desktop machine is our first series,  it is high efficiency and high-performance equipment, which uses desktop type, single drive or double drive and combines CNC control, precision mechanism, and oxygen cutting. This CNC plasma or oxygen flame cutting machine uses an advanced CNC system from abroad. Its excellent cutting parameters, reliable and stable features ensure the perfect cutting effect.

  • CNC Console Machine for Thermal Cutting

    A portable thermal cutting machine with CNC “Magnet-CNC” is a lightweight processing complex for the shape and straight cutting of sheet metal according to the specified drawings with the use of a CNC system. The machine provides the cutting of workpieces of complex configuration with accuracy and a high-quality surface of the cut.

  • Exhaust Ventilated Tables

    Exhaust Ventilated Cutting Table

    Exhaust Ventilated Tables. Working load on the surface 1200 kg / m2.

    1. Cutting table 1.5 x 3.0
    2. Cutting table 2.0 x 6.0

    Tables on which the metal during cutting is placed play an important role in the operating of the machines of thermal cutting. (Gas cutting up to 150 mm, plasma cutting up to 60 mm).

  • Cutters, plasma torches and accessories

    Cutters, plasma torches, and accessories

  • Machine plasma cutter NORD-100P

    Machine cutter NORD-100P

    Machine cutter NORD-100P.
    NORD-100P cutters have higher design and operating characteristics than world analogs: consumable gas-saving flow, high speed of cutting, kickback tolerance, cutting narrow width.