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Powerful Plasma Cutting Machine

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Manufacturer of plasma cutting machinery including manual and mechanized torches.

Plasma Cutting Equipment

PLAZMAMAX has established itself as a leading choice in the industry for equipment for thermal cutting. Originally established as a research laboratory for thermal cutting
of metals, our company builds on its extensive experience gained in the laboratory, and continuously adopts technologies for plasma and gas-plasma cutting of metal, sputtering and heat processing of metals during production.
Plazmamax has more than 20 years of experience developing and manufacturing plasma & oxy-fuel cutting equipment, which it assembles in its own facility.
The colocation of the Plazmamax laboratory and the assembly facility enables Plazmamax to implement new (patented) technologies, developed in-house, in a short amount of time.

Innovative Technologies

Development and production of modern equipment for engineering, with the permanent maintenance of high quality and the competitive price.

• More than 20 years experience in the market
• Dedicated in house production
• Proven track record of completed projects
• In house R&D and know-how
• Introduction of innovative products to the market with short lead times

References to completed Plazmamax projects can be requested by sending an email to

What Our Customers Say

"During the operation, the "Magnet" machine has established itself as reliable and easy to operate."
Volzhsky Pipe Plant
“An oxy-fuel pipe cutting machine “Lavina-CNC” - is a very reliable tool for round-the-clock operation.”
An oxy-fuel pipe cutting machine “Lavina-CNC” - is a very reliable tool for round-the-clock operation.
Zagorsky Pipe Plant
"The use of articulated cantilever machine “Strela-PL” made it possible to reduce the cutting time of parts by several times."
Volgograd Metallurgical Plant
Red October

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