Heat treatment

Plasma arc energy is widely used for high-temperature heating of various materials.
The plasma temperature is much higher than the flame of standard gas burners that generate heat when burning hydrocarbon compounds; therefore, plasma burners are used to solve the following tasks:

  1. With the help of plasma torches, it is possible to produce highly efficient heating of metal in tundishes on continuous casting machines.
    At the same time, the quality of the metal is much higher than when using standard burners.
  2. For cleaning the surfaces of pipes, rolled metal, and castings from scale, rust and paint. Due to the rapid heating, paint or rust burns off and quickly goes away.
  3. Plasma hardening. Plasma torches are used to harden wheel pairs, mill rolls, and rollers.
    The high temperature produces the so-called plasma shock effect. As a result, the metal on the surface is compacted and saturated with nitrogen, forming metal nitrides, which have high hardness.
  4. Plasma torches are used for rapid heating in plasma-chemical reactors for processing waste and obtaining new materials.
    For the melting of scale and its processing into pellets, as well as for the processing of metallurgical slag and dust from gas cleaning systems.
  5. Plasma torches are widely used for melting and spraying metals to create powders, including for creating metal powders for 3D printers.

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