Cutting and welding are necessary in structural metal production.

Plazmamax provides oxy-fuel and plasma-cutting equipment used to produce trusses, bridges, cranes, railways, power lines, fencing lights, and wagons. This equipment can also be used to construct oil and metallurgical plants, with the added benefit of applying high-quality protective, anti-corrosion coatings.
Structural metal forming is essential for producing structural parts used in various industries, ranging from aerospace to appliance production. Cutting and welding are central to structural metal fabrication as roll forming, extrusion, or casting.

Typical uses in structural metal forming:

- mechanized or manual cutting of rolled metal in a factory or outdoors
- sheet metal cutting
- mechanized cutting of pipes
- cutting side holes in pipes
- cutting test specimens from pipes
- cutting shaped pipes
- cutting I-beams and for channel cutting  

Equipment for Structural metals