Plazmamax produces equipment for thermal and gas-oxygen cutting to effectively process and procure scrap.
Thermal cutting is a popular method used to dismantle metal structures and cut oversized or briquette scrap, bundles of sheet metal and pipes, slab scrap, and so on. Plazmamax machines are used for cutting decommissioned railway tanks, aircraft and missile silos, carriages, and armored vehicles.

Typical uses for scrap collection:

Solutions for scrap collecting companies
- cutting oversized scrap (5A)
- cutting of bracketed scrap and knitted bundles of sheets and pipes
- cutting of heavy scrap (up to 1500mm) 
- cutting of slab scrap
- cutting stainless steel scrap
- cutting cast iron
- cutting rolls
- desizing of large diameter pipes
- cutting non-ferrous scrap
- disassembly of heat exchangers
- cutting used railway wagons
- cutting armored vehicles
- aircraft cutting
- cutting rocket silos
- spear cutting of mixed scrap
- cutting of reinforced concrete
- underwater cutting of metal structures

Scrap collection equipment


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