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  • CNC Console Machine for Thermal Cutting

    A portable thermal cutting machine with CNC “Magnet-CNC” is a lightweight processing complex for the shape and straight cutting of sheet metal according to the specified drawings with the use of a CNC system. The machine provides the cutting of workpieces of complex configuration with accuracy and a high-quality surface of the cut.

  • Nord-500 plasma cutting machine


    Plasma cutting machine “NORD-500” is intended for use in the metallurgical industry. It provides a high-performance straight-line severing of oxygen cutting of sheet metal, slabs, blooms, billets, etc. of low-carbon low-alloyed steel with thickness from 200 to 500 mm.
    The machine consists of a reinforced frame, which includes driving and driven shafts with supporting rollers. From the side of the cutter, the rollers are protected against the flame and the molten metal splash with a cover plate.

  • Straight-line cutter EDGE

    Portable machines of straight-line cutting of metal «Gran’» and
    «Gran-24V» is designed for cutting rolled metal products into
    strips. Machines are equipped with a special guide with back straps and the platen rollers that guarantees a high rigidity of construction and consequently, the excellent cut quality of the butt end surface.
    The high speed of travel of the cutter allows the use of gas-oxygen as well as plasma cutting technology. The machines can be used both in
    the field environment and in industrial enterprises. Machine “Gran-
    24V” is equipped with a stepper motor that is running with ultra-low a safe voltage of 24V, allows you to use the machine in the absence
    of grounding.

  • Cutter for emergency cutting of steel

    The cutter for emergency cutting of steels of increased reliability is designed for manual oxygen cutting of carbon low-alloy steels up to 700 mm thick in the harsh conditions of metallurgical and other industries and provides cutting of slabs, blooms or billets. Propane-butane (natural gas) and low-pressure natural gas mixed with oxygen of at least 99.5% purity in accordance with GOST 5593-78 are used as fuel.
    Cutters operating on a natural gas-oxygen mixture can be operated at an ambient temperature of –20 ° C to +40 ° C, and those working on a propane-butane-oxygen mixture at a temperature of –5 ° C to +40 ° C.

  • Cutter NORD for broadband manual surface cleaning and gouging

    Cutter NORD for broadband manual surface cleaning and gouging

    Cutter NORD for broadband manual surface cleaning and gouging.

    The cutter removes the outer layer with oxygen impingement, identifies local defects, and also allows you to cut surface defects of steel billets.

  • Machine plasma cutter NORD-100P

    Machine cutter NORD-100P

    Machine cutter NORD-100P.
    NORD-100P cutters have higher design and operating characteristics than world analogs: consumable gas-saving flow, high speed of cutting, kickback tolerance, cutting narrow width.

  • cutter NORD-100P

    Hand-held cutter NORD-100P

    Handheld cutter NORD-100P.
    It is designed for scrap cutting with steel thickness up to 300 mm. The cutter has inner nozzle mixing of gases that allows to operate with one cutter on different combustible gases, to increase safety for the account of kickback tolerance, to provide a safe cutter operation under encased heating of a tip. The construction of torch tip allows providing a broad range of cut thickness, a low heat up time of metal prior to cutting, high speed mixed with a narrow width, and good cutting purity, that in return results in consumable gas-saving (up to 30%).