Plazmamax technology and equipment are used in the production of all kinds of steel, including stainless steel, rolled metal, and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, titanium, boron, and more.
Our thermal-cutting technology is commonly used for processing scrap, cutting slabs and blooms, trimming rolls, sheets, and half-rolls, cutting rolled metal to size, cutting test templates, as well as removing excess pieces from ingots, and burrs from cut metal. In addition, various forms of gouging – including flame-gouging – can be used to remove scale and surface cracks from ingots.

Typical uses for metal production and rolling:

Foundry Solutions
- machines for primary and secondary oxy-fuel cutting of hot slabs and blooms on continuous casting machines
- machines for oxy-fuel cutting of hot billets of circular cross-section on continuous casting machines
- portable machines for cutting hot and cold slabs and blooms
- narrow-jet supersonic oxygen cutters for continuous casting machines
- machines for metal powder cutting of stainless steel
- hand-operated metal powder and oxy-fuel cutters for emergency cutting in continuous casting machines
- equipment for surface descaling and cleaning

Solutions for sheet rolling
- machines for trimming sheet edges
- metal stripe cutting machines
- machines for cutting templates from sheets and plates 
- portable machines for cutting sheets and plates

Solutions for pipe production, rolling and welding 
- machines for trimming pipe ends
- machines for cutting pipes
- machines for cutting technological stripes
- robotic systems for cutting pipes

Non-ferrous metal and stainless steel cutting solutions
- machines for cutting aluminum and its alloys 
- machines for cutting slag crust when melting aluminum 
- machines for cutting copper and copper-containing alloys
- machines for cutting titanium
- stainless steel cutting machines
- machines for cutting refractory materials

Metal production and rolling equipment

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