Spraying & Coating

High-temperature plasma torches are widely used for plasma spraying and application of all kinds of coatings, including refractory materials.
Plasma spraying is effective for:

  • Repair of worn-out parts and components of machines, including crankshafts.
  • Creation of bimetallic products.
  • Application of non-ferrous metal coatings on steel substrates.
  • Creation of heat-resistant and hard ceramic coatings on metal and polymer bases.
  • Application of carbides and oxides, including ceramics.
  • Application of wear-resistant and anti-corrosion coatings.

Powder or wire of the sprayed material is fed to the high-temperature plasma flow. The molten material, blown onto the substrate at high speed, sticks to it, spreading over the surface. There, it quickly cools down, creating a protective coating.


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