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  • Machine for cutting slabs, blooms

    Machine for cutting slabs, blooms

    Gas cutting machine “Slab-1” (GCM “Slab-1”) is designed for automated straight-line oxygen severing of slabs of low-carbon and low-alloyed steels with width from 1300 to 2600 mm and thickness from 100 to 400 mm. GCM allows you to cut the workpieces at a metal temperature from 0°C to 900°C, using oxygen with pressure from 12 to 25 kgf/cm, oxygen purity is not less than 99.5%, and natural gas with a pressure of 2.5 to 3.5 kgf/cm.

  • VERTICAL CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

    VERTICAL CNC Plasma cutting machine is designed for separation cutting of stainless steels, ferrous and non-ferrous metals using an air-cooled plasma torch. The technology for cutting any steel and its alloys on this machine allows cutting metal from 1 mm to 100 mm thick, cutting aluminum and its alloys, as well as stainless steel from 1 mm to 100 mm.

  • Machine plasma cutter NORD-100P

    Machine cutter NORD-100P

    Machine cutter NORD-100P.
    NORD-100P cutters have higher design and operating characteristics than world analogs: consumable gas-saving flow, high speed of cutting, kickback tolerance, cutting narrow width.