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  • CNC-Max P 400

    Portable cantilever-type CNC thermal cutting machine for plasma or oxy-fuel cutting of metal up to 150 mm thick.

  • Plazmamax-70A

    Plazmamax-70A is a lightweight plasma cutter. Based on improved inverter technology, this portable machine is the least expensive in the Plazmamax plasma cutter range.

  • Straight-line cutter EDGE-24V

    EDGE-24V is a portable oxy-fuel cutting machine designed for straight-line cutting and beveling of sheet metal, slabs, and for cutting strips.

  • Flux-oxygen

    Powder cutting machine PCM-3

    PCM-3 is a powder cutting machine for cutting stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metal alloys, and non-metallic materials up to 1500 mm thick.

  • Plasma torches and accessories

    Cutters, plasma torches, and accessories

  • Machine plasma cutter NORD-100P

    Machine cutter NORD-100P

    Designed for precise dross-free cutting of steel up to 300 mm thick.