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  • Powerful 180 Ampere Plasma Cutting Machine for your needs! Buy today! #plasmacutting #plasmacuttingmachine #oxy-fuelcutting #plasmacutter

    Plazmamax-ZP 180

    Plazmamax-ZP 180 cuts any metal or alloy up to 56 mm thick. It can operate in harsh conditions and has demonstrated outstanding reliability over many years in service.

  • Plasma cutting machine 320

    Plazmamax-ZP 320

    Plazmamax-ZP 320 is the world’s strongest air-cooled plasma cutter. It is designed to cut any metal or alloy up to 80 mm thick.

  • CNC-Max P 400

    Portable cantilever-type CNC thermal cutting machine for plasma or oxy-fuel cutting of metal up to 150 mm thick.

  • Powerful 250 Ampere 100 percent Duty Cycle Plasma Cutting Machine


    Plazmamax 250VA is designed to cut any metal or alloy up to 60 mm thick. It is equipped with real-time power control.

  • Nord-500 plasma cutting machine

    Portable oxy-fuel cutting machine NORD-500

    NORD-500 is a portable oxy-fuel slab and bloom cutting machine for motorized cutting of carbon steel up to 500 mm thick.

  • Powerful 140 Ampere 100 percent Duty Cycle Plasma Cutting Machine for your needs

    Plazmamax-ZP 140

    Plazmamax-ZP 140 cuts any metal or alloy up to 40 mm thick. It is designed to operate in harsh conditions.

  • Argon discharge cabinet ramp

    Gas manifold cabinet

    Gas manifold cabinet for 3-6 cylinders with a pressure regulator.

  • slabs and blooms-thermal-cutting-machine.jpg

    High throughput oxy-fuel cutting machine Avalanche-2

    Avalanche-2 is a supersonic narrow-jet cutting machine for high-throughput oxy-fuel cutting of ingots and oversized steel scrap up to 1.5 meters thick.

  • Avalanche-1 for high thickness cutting

    Avalanche-1 is an oxy-fuel cutting machine for cutting metal up to 1500 mm thick.

  • Plazmamax-70A

    Plazmamax-70A is a lightweight plasma cutter. Based on improved inverter technology, this portable machine is the least expensive in the Plazmamax plasma cutter range.

  • Gas distribution ramp

    Gas Manifold Cabinet for 2 Cylinders

    Gas manifold cabinet for 2 cylinders.

  • Flux-oxygen

    Powder cutting machine PCM-3

    PCM-3 is a powder cutting machine for cutting stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metal alloys, and non-metallic materials up to 1500 mm thick.