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  • Machine for cutting slabs, blooms

    Machine for cutting slabs, blooms

    Gas cutting machine “Slab-1” (GCM “Slab-1”) is designed for automated straight-line oxygen severing of slabs of low-carbon and low-alloyed steels with width from 1300 to 2600 mm and thickness from 100 to 400 mm. GCM allows you to cut the workpieces at a metal temperature from 0°C to 900°C, using oxygen with pressure from 12 to 25 kgf/cm, oxygen purity is not less than 99.5%, and natural gas with a pressure of 2.5 to 3.5 kgf/cm.

  • VERTICAL CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

    VERTICAL CNC Plasma cutting machine is designed for separation cutting of stainless steels, ferrous and non-ferrous metals using an air-cooled plasma torch. The technology for cutting any steel and its alloys on this machine allows cutting metal from 1 mm to 100 mm thick, cutting aluminum and its alloys, as well as stainless steel from 1 mm to 100 mm.

  • Plasma cutting machines, thermal cutting of metals, advanced plasma technology

    Diagonal CNC thermal cutting machine

    Diagonal CNC plasma cutting machine. This series desktop machine is our first series,  it is high efficiency and high-performance equipment, which uses desktop type, single drive or double drive and combines CNC control, precision mechanism, and oxygen cutting. This CNC plasma or oxygen flame cutting machine uses an advanced CNC system from abroad. Its excellent cutting parameters, reliable and stable features ensure the perfect cutting effect.

  • CNC Console Machine for Thermal Cutting

    A portable thermal cutting machine with CNC “Magnet-CNC” is a lightweight processing complex for the shape and straight cutting of sheet metal according to the specified drawings with the use of a CNC system. The machine provides the cutting of workpieces of complex configuration with accuracy and a high-quality surface of the cut.

  • Nord-500 plasma cutting machine


    Plasma cutting machine “NORD-500” is intended for use in the metallurgical industry. It provides a high-performance straight-line severing of oxygen cutting of sheet metal, slabs, blooms, billets, etc. of low-carbon low-alloyed steel with thickness from 200 to 500 mm.
    The machine consists of a reinforced frame, which includes driving and driven shafts with supporting rollers. From the side of the cutter, the rollers are protected against the flame and the molten metal splash with a cover plate.

  • Plasma & oxy-fuel thermal machine

    Thermal Cutting Machine Strela-PL

    Thermal cutting machine “STRELA-PL ” is designed for cutting of
    parts from sheet metal by template or using a circular device.
    “STRELA-PL” is a column with a rotary cross traverse along which a carriage with a cutter is moving. Cutting of parts by templates is performing with the help of a magnetic copy device.

  • Scrap cutting machine Avalanche

    Metal scrap cutting machine Avalanche of console type allows you to cut mild and low alloyed steels with thickness up to 1500 mm with the use of oxygen under pressure in front of the cutter from 3 kgf/cm² to 10 kgf/cm² and the metal temperature from 20°C to 30°C. The cutters of the gas cutting machines are designed according to the principle of gas mixing inside the nozzle. Ignition of the combustible mixture of cutters is carried out both with the ignition device and with the pilot flame.

  • Straight-line cutter EDGE

    Portable machines of straight-line cutting of metal «Gran’» and
    «Gran-24V» is designed for cutting rolled metal products into
    strips. Machines are equipped with a special guide with back straps and the platen rollers that guarantees a high rigidity of construction and consequently, the excellent cut quality of the butt end surface.
    The high speed of travel of the cutter allows the use of gas-oxygen as well as plasma cutting technology. The machines can be used both in
    the field environment and in industrial enterprises. Machine “Gran-
    24V” is equipped with a stepper motor that is running with ultra-low a safe voltage of 24V, allows you to use the machine in the absence
    of grounding.

  • Pipe cutter SATELLITE 24

    The thermal cutting machine SATELLITE 24V is designed for cutting pipes with a diameter from 120 to 1440 mm and ring chamfering in the field environment. The machine is equipped with an engine, running at a safe voltage of 24V, that allows you to use the machine at a distance of the pipe
    where there is no grounding. The machine is equipped with a set of bands for pipes with diameters from 530 to 1420 mm and a quick-disconnect chain that reduces the time of reinstallation of the machine. The smoothness of running
    is ensured by damping support columns that allow you to cut pipes with ovality. The machine has a cutting speed from 50 to 1500 mm/min that allows
    you to use both the gas and the plasma technology of pipe cutting.

  • Flux oxygen cutting machine

    The device is designed for manual oxygen flux cutting of stainless steels, cast irons and non-ferrous alloys, powder lancing of concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, refractory concrete, “hardened” metal (scrap), burning with a hand lance of spear holes in metals and non-metallic materials. It is used for cutting of workpieces of stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous alloys at machine manufacturing and iron and steel enterprises, scrap cutting of metal, including disposing of military equipment, burning of holes, and severing (cutting of windows, apertures, holes) of building structures made of concrete, reinforced concrete, and other building materials, cutting of apertures at a blast furnace lining during repairing works, notch breaking for the metal release, cutting of horses and performing of other work at the iron and steel enterprises.
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  • Sale! Cutter NORD for TC and CC machines

    Cutter NORD for GCM CCM

    Cutter NORD for TC and CC machines (Torch cutting machines, continuous casting machines)
    The water-cooled cutter works on inner nozzle mixing of combustible gas and preheating oxygen which provides high reliability in complicated operating conditions. The construction of torch tip allows performing metal cutting irrespective of its temperature without edge preheat.

  • Cutters, plasma torches and accessories

    Cutters, plasma torches, and accessories