Mobile laboratory for underwater repair and maintenance

A highly mobile solution for underwater cutting, welding, defectoscopy, metallization, and hull cleaning.


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The mobile repair and maintenance laboratory is equipped for outdoor cutting, welding, defectoscopy, metallization, and metal cleaning underwater and in the open air. Assembled on a three-axle all-terrain truck and equipped with all the necessary equipment, this mobile laboratory offers high flexibility and is entirely autonomous. It is indispensable for ship and pipe repair and maintenance underwater and in hard-to-reach locations.

Mobile laboratory equipment

Diesel genset

A 60 kW three-phase generator. Operates up to 10 hours 18 minutes without refueling at 75% load.

Underwater plasma cutting machine Plazmamax-UWC 180

Plazmamax-UWC 180 cuts stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals up to 30 mm thick underwater at a depth of up to 30 m and up to 50 mm thick in the air. Ordinary air is used as a working gas.

Welding machine with an electrode holder for underwater welding: Plazmamax-MIG 302

Plazmamax-MIG 302 is designed for underwater welding. The electric holder is made of durable and corrosion-resistant materials, all metal parts are made of bronze. The trapezoidal thread does not clog with dirt or silt, which guarantees safety and quick electrode change. Welding under water is carried out with electrodes for underwater welding.

Wire arc spray system ASMax

ASMax is designed for metallization by wire arc spraying for corrosion protection of metal structures. Metallization rates: 7.5 kg/hr for aluminum, 21.5 kg/hr for zinc.

Oxy-fuel cutting station

The oxy-fuel cutting station is equipped with manual oxy-fuel cutters of the NORD-PMX series designed for cutting steel up to 300 mm thick. Propane-butane or acetylene mixed with oxygen is used as combustible gas.

Portable oxy-fuel mechanized pipe cutting machine Satellite 24V–IP65

Satellite 24V–IP65 is designed for mechanized cutting and welding of pipes of round and oval cross-sections with 120 to 1420 mm diameters. This cutting machine is a special version of Satellite 24V designed to meet the IP65 rating. Its motor operating voltage of 24V enables safe cutting without grounding. The cutting thicknesses are 3 – 50 mm.

Ultrasonic flaw detector

Small-sized ultrasonic flaw detector for underwater quality control of welded joints and base metal with an immersion depth of up to 60 m. It is made in a sealed and shockproof case and has a remote display.


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